2023 Speakers

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Steven D. Budnick, DDS

Understanding Your Employment Contract  
(Lunch and Learn)

Dr. Brendan C. Dickson

Classification of Mesenchymal Tumours of
the Head and Neck:
An Integrative Approach

John E. Fantasia, D.D.S.

Tales From the Crypt and More
Virtual Slide Session
(Lunch and Learn) 

John Hicks MD, DDS, MS, PhD

Update on Selected Soft Tissue and Bone Neoplasms in the Pediatric and Adolescent Population: From Bench Top to Molecular Diagnosis

Robert D. Kelsch, DMD

Virtual Slide Session

(Lunch and Learn) 

Alvaro C. Laga, M.D., M.M.Sc.

Pearls and Pitfalls in the Histopathologic Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases of the
Head and Neck

Susan Müller, DMD, MS

What’s new in the WHO 5th edition
of Head and Neck Tumours

Edward Odell

What’s new in the WHO 5th edition
of Head and Neck Tumours

Timothy Patton, DO

Erythema, Erosions, and Ulcers of the
Oral Mucosa from the Perspective
of a Dermatologist

Helga Toriello, PhD

Gorlin Lecture 
Dysmorphology: Then and Now

Dr. Lingxin Zhang

Research Grant Presentation Speaker

CPC Speakers

Kurt F. Summersgill, DDS, PhD – Chair

Dr. Leen AlQudah

Saja A. Alramadhan

Dr. Safia Durab

Sarah Glass

John R. Kalmar, DMD, PhD

Kevin Ko

Dr. Jenna Marcinczyk

Mark Mintline, DDS

Dr. Sumita Sam

Dr. Dennis Shem

Daria Vasilyeva

Rachelle Wolk, DDS

AAOMP Seminar Speakers

Brandon Veremis, DDS – Chair

Dr. Kathleen Higgins

Kevin Ko

Ioannis Koutlas, DDS, MS

Dr. Annie McLean

Dr. Reshma S. Menon

(Ray-sh-maa S. May-nun)

Paras B. Patel, DDS

Dr. Ivan Stojanov

Dr. Anna Trzcinska, DMD