Symposium #2

Speaker: Rossitza Lazova, MD

* This speaker has been verified as having no relevant financial relationships to disclose.

“Challenging Dermatopathology of the Head and Neck”

Course Description (3 credit hours):

This session will explore a range of inflammatory skin conditions and neoplastic processes of the head and neck area, which can cause diagnostic dilemmas and create pitfalls. An in-depth discussion will focus on the histological and clinicopathological aspects of each case. A diagnostic approach to these challenging cases and how to avoid diagnostic pitfalls will be presented. Appropriate laboratory evaluation and new molecular diagnostic tools will be discussed.

Objectives of course:

  • To provide participants with knowledge and tools to be able to arrive at the correct diagnosis or generate an appropriate differential diagnosis of challenging cases.
  • The knowledge gained from this course can be applied to deliver optimum care and improve patient outcomes.

At the end of this course the participant:

  • Be able to apply morphological criteria to differential diagnoses of cutaneous lesions
  • Generate clinically relevant differential diagnosis for neoplastic and inflammatory skin conditions
  • Demonstrate an approach toward diagnosis of complex, challenging skin biopsies
  • Utilize appropriate ancillary studies