5K Run/2.5K Walk for Charity

For those who are brave enough to wake up early during a busy meeting, go out for a fun run and donate to a great cause, thank you! The main goal is to raise $1000 for the Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) to support oral cancer awareness and research.

A donation to the OCF can be made directly via the link:

There is no minimum donation amount required to participate, but we hope all of you can contribute to our fundraising goal! Let’s make a difference for patients and families with oral cancer. Runners and walkers should be at the lobby at 6:30, the first group will leave at 6:45, and all runners and walkers are expected to be back by 7:45. Final routes will be announced during the first day of the meeting.

5K Runners

Volunteers will lead small groups over the defined route to Memory Grove Park. Once atMemory Grove, we can run in larger groups. We will attempt to organize the runners based on pace whenever possible, and usual running etiquette is critical as we will run through city streets for part of the run. The route is paved and goes through sidewalks and trails. The maximum grade is 4% and 200ft total elevation. Runners are expected to complete the route within 45 minutes and be ready to run 5K in warm weather. There will be no rest stops during the 5K run.

2.5K Walk

The route elevation is 200ft and will take you to the capitol and back via sidewalks. Everyone is welcome!

If you want to volunteer during the event, please contact Marco Magalhaes directly –