Pre-Conference CE Virtual Slides

Pre-Conference CE Virtual Slides

You have the option of receiving 2 additional CE credits for each of the slide-based seminars if you send in your diagnostic impressions. You must submit your impressions by April 13th if you want the speakers to see them before their presentations. You can still receive CE if you submit your impressions by April 20th. These will be available to the speakers for later review.

Viewing The Slides

All slides may be viewed using ImageScope.  If you do not have ImageScope on your computer, you may download and install it by Clicking Here

Open the University of Chicago Download server and log in with the account credentials provided below:

You may also use sftp to download the data files if you prefer – using the same server address


Submitting Your Impressions

Click the cooresponding link below to submit your impressesions:

Case 1 & 2: Dr. Lester Thompson
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Case 3 & 4: Dr. Sook-bin Woo
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Case 5: Dr. Marino Leon
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Case 6 & 7: Dr. James Lewis
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Case 8-10: Dr. Kelly Magliocca
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Dr. Lisa Rooper- “Digging under the surface in head and neck pathology: Challenges in the diagnosis of minor salivary tumors and more”
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Dr. Bibianna Purgina- “Pattern-based approach to mesenchymal lesions in the head and neck”
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2020 AAOMP Seminar Cases

Case 1 History: 13 year old boy with a left tongue lesion

Case 2 History: 78 year old female patient with a mass of the palate

Case 3 History: 15 yo Hispanic female, otherwise healthy, who presented with 3.5 x 2 cm radiolucency associated with impacted #32; this is the recurrence four years later.

Case 4 History: 26 yo Caucasian male, otherwise health, with a 4 year history of worsening tongue ulcers with a recent marble-sized enlargement of the tongue in the area of the ulcer.

Case 5 History: 48-year-old female with history of foreign body sensation in her throat for several weeks. CT scan demonstrated mass lesion at the base of tongue on the left side.

Case 6 History: 46 year old male former smoker (15 pack year) with a lateral tongue lesion. 1A H&E, 1B Mucicarmine.

Case 7 History: 63 year old male with a 43 pack year smoking history and a painful 2.7 cm floor of mouth and ventral tongue mass.  Biopsy was called “carcinoma, suspicious for mucoepidermoid carcinoma”.

Case 8 History: 13 year old with a radiolucent lesion in the mandibular ramus

Case 9 History: 86 year old man s/p excision of left submandibular gland pleomorphic adenoma 30 years prior. Now with enlarging mass in area of prior surgery.

Case 10 History: 70 year old man with left posterior nasal cavity mass


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