As of February 9, 2022; subject to change.

AAOMP requests everyone to be vaccinated to attend the meeting. Currently, masks are required for meeting attendees.

By attending the in-person AAOMP 2022 Annual Meeting, you certify that you do not fall into any of the following categories: 1) individuals who currently or within 14 days of the Meeting have experienced any symptoms associated with COVID-19, which include fever, cough and shortness of breath; 2) individuals who have traveled at any point within 14 days of the Meeting either internationally or to a community in the United States that is experiencing sustained community spread of COVID-19; or 3) individuals who believe that they may have been exposed to a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 or have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and not yet been cleared as non-contagious by state or local public health authorities or the healthcare team responsible for their treatment by the start of the Meeting.

Vaccine Status Verification

In order to streamline vaccine status verification at the AAOMP annual meeting, we will be utilizing Health Pass by CLEAR. You’ve probably come across CLEAR in the past if you’ve traveled through an airport with the CLEAR line at the TSA checkpoint. In addition to the identity verification technology CLEAR has at airports, they also have a vaccine verification system. It is now being used regularly at several large events and was the vaccine verification method of choice at the American Dental Association SmileCon in October 2021. Health Pass is simple to use, will speed up registration, and keeps your data secure. In fact, we won’t be able to see any of your personal vaccination details, rather just a “green” or “red” status.

Health Pass does require a smartphone so if you don’t have a smartphone, please be sure to bring your vaccination card with you. Those who are unable to use CLEAR or don’t sign-up in advance will have to go through a separate line at registration to have their vaccine verification done manually. Therefore, we strongly encourage all attendees to use CLEAR. 

Below is a quick summary of the steps to use Health Pass once the unique meeting code is sent. Please note: The unique meeting code will not be sent one week before the event.

There are just 6 easy steps to using Health Pass:

  1. Download the free CLEAR app and select Create Your Health Pass.
  2. Enter your unique Health Pass code. This will be emailed to you about a week before the event. We encourage you to do this NOW, and then enter the code when you receive it.
  3. New members will be guided through enrollment steps and existing members can use the email associated with their CLEAR membership.
  4. Complete your Entry Requirements by adding your vaccination record, linking to test results, and/or completing a health survey.
  5. Verify your identity by taking a selfie.
  6. AAOMP will have a list of names of everyone who has been cleared by CLEAR, so registration will be quick and easy.  We will know you are good to go.

Again, if you do not register with the CLEAR Health Pass, you will need to be registered manually.

For more information on Health Pass, check out this FAQ document.