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Vancouver International Airport is located on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Here you find complete information on the Vancouver International airport, the second busiest airport in Canada and also the Best Canadian airport from regional results. Vancouver International Airport offers banks, restaurants, spas, laundry facilities, and more. Vancouver International airport is a gateway to the world on the West Coast of Canada.

Vancouver is also ideally situated in a straight line between the Eastern USA and Asia. Also, Vancouver is the only major West Coast city close enough to Tokyo or Hong Kong, that a refueling stop is not required! This fact, coupled with Vancouver’s status as a major tourist destination and cruise ship port have made the Airport a busy place, especially during the summer months. Further expansion is planned, but you should plan on allowing yourself plenty of time when catching outgoing flights, especially on summer weekends. Unlike most airports, you do not have to empty your wallet in order to eat at the Vancouver International Airport. Food prices are the same as in any other location in the city. Vancouver Airport has also been rated the number one in the world for employee productivity and efficiency.

Flying into and out of Vancouver Airport, B.C. is a pleasure, since the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is a great modern airport. YVR has won and received many notable awards. It won the Skytrax Best North American Airport award in 2007 and 2010. YVR also retains the distinction of Best Canadian Airport in the regional results. YVR has been named “The Best Airport in North America.”


Ground Transportation (to and from airport)

Sedan Service: 1-866-874-1311

Classic Limousine 1-866-874-1311

Vancouver Taxi 1-604-781-1111


Traveling to/from Canada

Canada’s Airport Security has become very strict on what is allowed on an airplane both in checked baggage and carry-on baggage. Because airport security requirements continually change, it is important that you take a few moments to read about what you can and can’t do when traveling through Canada security checkpoints. Please visit for further information.