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Canada – Your Host Country

The expanse of Canada’s natural beauty, from mountains and glaciers to secluded lakes and forests, is almost unparalleled worldwide. But Canada’s allure is not just the great outdoors, Canada has cosmopolitan cities that are clean, safe, friendly and multicultural. In fact, Canada repeatedly is lauded as one of the world’s most livable countries. Whether your interests are river rafting or live theatre, Canada won’t disappoint.

Canada has many modern, multicultural cities, each with its own distinct personality. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are possibly the best known, but there are so many others that highlight different aspects of Canada, such as its maritime culture, mountainous landscape, French history, or its indigenous people. Each city is delightful for different reasons.

Vancouver – Your Host City

Vancouver, British Columbia, has been a hot spot in Canada for years now as far as the number of people who want to live there goes. No wonder. It is on the water and next to a mountain range making it postcard pretty. In addition, in a country where winter reality can be harsh, Vancouver has a moderate climate, which includes not much snow and an early spring.

Here it is possible to choose from such dissimilar outdoor activities as skiing, golfing, hiking, tennis, cycling or sailing, sometimes all on the same day, and all within the metropolitan area. Theatre, sport, music, art, the list of entertainment is diverse, endless and even overwhelming


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